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Help Centre First Time Here?  If this is the first time you've visited this page please read it carefully.

So that you may solve problems outside hours that support personnel are available we have developed a self help system called the Help Centre.

The Help Centre contains articles that will help you understand and fix any problem you might be having.  If the problem pertains to something we have to fix or an action we have to perform on your behalf, there will be a link to a form that will collect all relevant information from you. This will allow ourselves, or yourself, to resolve any problem in an efficient and timely manner. The Help Centre also provides answers to any questions you might have regarding the operation of the site or your membership of it.

To get started click on a link that best describes you or the problem/question you have (pop-ups must be enabled). Alternatively use the Search to locate the articles by keyword. If your problem is not covered in any of the articles, when you press "Close Window", (from within an article), you will be given the opportunity to complete a form where you can specify your problem.

Current Status
Issues with: Rental Movies, Changing email address when buying credits, FirstChoice Pay / Paxum *Updated*, Chrome Settings for DirectCam & Flash, Issues with 2-Way Cam Black Screen in JustCamIt, Phishing - Calls, Emails, SMS & Skype, Password Sharing Between Sites, Client Connections - Sending Proposals & Flirts, Delivering email to Yahoo addresses
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