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Guide to Swinging, Health and the Etiquette

This guide will help you get an idea of what swinging is all about. Great if you are a newbie!

  • About Swinging and it's origins
  • Tips for New or Inexperienced Swingers
  • The Swingers Etiquette
  • Hosting your own Swingers Party
  • Swingers health, playing it safe!

Getting Involved in the Action

This guide will help you get yourself involved in the action on the site. After all, thats why you're here!

  • Setting-up and refining your Profile (and Profile Health feature)
  • Using the Search Facility efficiently
  • Profile Visitors feature
  • Posting and responding to Swinging Invitations
  • Using the Contacts and Email system
  • SMS Messaging, DirectChat and DirectCam
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