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Current Status

This page lists any current system issues that might be affecting your ability to interact with the Site.  If you are experiencing a technical issue that is not listed, please check the Help Desk.

Area Affected Details
FirstChoice Pay / Paxum *Updated*

For the latest updates and recommendations regarding the suspension of Choice Bank's activities that is affecting FirstChoice Pay and Paxum card holders, click here.

Chrome Settings for DirectCam & Flash

We are aware that Flash is rapidly becoming outmoded and unsupported, with Google leading the pack of vendors removing support.

However, it is still possible to run Flash on Chrome in order to participate in DirectCam.  Instructions on how to set-up Chrome can be found in this article.

Issues with 2-Way Cam Black Screen in JustCamIt

Whilst patching our servers to protect them against a recently identified vulnerability, we've noticed that the patch has knocked out the functionality required for 2-Way cam for those using the Windows version of JustCamIt.

Our team are working to identify and resolve this issue as a matter of urgency and will deploy a fix as soon as possible.

The use of JustCamIt Lite is strongly discouraged unless you are unable to run the Windows version of JustCamIt on your computer.  (We even recommend that Mac users install Parallels or use Bootcamp in order to run Windows and JustCamIt.)  However, if 2-way cam is more important to your clients than high quality video and audio, using it may be a suitable short-term workaround.

Apologies for the inconvenience this is causing you and thank you for your patience.

Note: This issue is that hosts cannot initiate 2-way. If clients are seeing a black screen they should check that no other application has exclusive use of his cam.  Quit Skype or other applications like it.  Also, right click the player and check that the Flash Settings are allowing access to the right cam.

Phishing - Calls, Emails, SMS & Skype

If you have received an email, SMS. message on Skype or even a telephone call from someone claiming to be from or suggesting that you need to verify or provide login details to them, then you have been targeted by a phishing attack.

Phishing is when someone tricks you into giving out your login details and then they take over your profile, withdraw your funds and worse.

The message may ask you to provide personal information or to click on a link that takes you to a "lookalike" Site where you are asked to "Login".   Doing so enables these criminals to get your real login information which they then use to access your Profile.

Please be vigilent, it seems that all forms of communication are being used to try and fool unsuspecting members into giving out their personal information:

  • Emails often say your profile will be deleted if you do not provide login details.  Others say you need to do something or other, verify or provide a Ukash voucher code.  Some emails are circulating inviting you to join a Group on the Site.
  • SMS messages ask you to send your login details to an email address that looks like "adultwork" but is not actually  One recent SMS message stating 'YOUR PROFILE IS NOT TRUST!' asking members to upload their documents to is clearly a scam.
  • Websites host pages that look like the login page, but all they do is capture your login details.  Always check the URL is  Alternatively they may ask for the entry of a Ukash voucher code saying you need to pay for something.  One email asks members to log into - and another recent email asks you to log into
  • This is a scam and will re-direct you to a fake login page.  Another states 'You have a new device connected? Please login and introduce CKXK code,if not we disable your account!'  Again - this is a scam and will re-direct you to a fake login page.
  • Calls have been received by members where the caller is claiming to be performing some task for for which you need to give them information. This includes calls asking you to supply/re-supply your Verification documents.  We would never call asking for this info.
  • Internal Emails have been received by members where they have been sent links to check.  
    The links show all the letters being in upper case - this hides the fact that the 'O' is in fact a zero e.g. http://WWW.ADULTW0RK.COM/PROFILEID=  These links will re-direct you to a fake login page.
  • Annual Fees AdultWork do not charge you Annual/Yearly Fees, if you receive a SMS or email asking you to pay any fees, or asking you to contact or similar please do not respond to this NEVER send messages asking for your details. Please ignore and report such messages via the Help Centre.


Always check that the URL in your browser reads exactly and only. For example,,r, or are not legitimate sites.

If you think you may have been a victim of this scam change your password immediately.  If you use the same password on your email account, change that too.

As a rule with any form of Internet-based communication, exercise caution when receiving emails, SMS or IMs requesting any kind of personal information.  We will always ask for it to be uploaded to the Site and correspondence will always come from an email address (e.g. or, never anything like these:



447508028549 (scam SMS being sent from this number)


More information on how we may contact you can be found here.

If in doubt, check with us via the Help Centre.

Password Sharing Between Sites

Please make sure that your password is not used in conjunction with any other websites.

Over the weekend of 12/13th January, the Site was being scanned by potential hackers using a database of usernames and passwords from another Site.  We are trying to identify what other Site has been comprimised but as a general rule you should always use a unique password for every site you register with.

If your password is the same as your password for your email account, Facebook, Flickr or any other website, please change it now.

Client Connections - Sending Proposals & Flirts

Due to the excessive number of members reporting New Flirt/Proposal Notifications as spam/junk, we have had to temporarily disable the sending of Flirts and Proposals.  Unfortunately their actions are impacting the delivery of normal new email/booking notifications.

We are developing a mail management system so members can select exactly which emails they would like to receive. 

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Delivering email to Yahoo addresses

We regret that due to new anti-spam techniques deployed by Yahoo, some people may not be receiving e-mail from us.

It is not only ourselves that you may not be receiving mail from, this problem is affecting many sites.

Here is an interesting discussion of the situation.

Unfortunately despite our numerous attempts to contact Yahoo they are unable to comprehend the problem we're experiencing, despite it been due solely their own misguided rules.

Here's a help page at Yahoo.  You will note that they make no mention of them deliberately refusing mail to make the server retry, (which they believe spammers will not do).

We would recommend you use the email account provided with your Internet connection provider.  If this is not possible then Hotmail (.com) and are the best free alternatives.

Change your email address here.

To meet with the requirements of most email providers our servers have reverse DNS and SPF records configured.  To specifically meet with the requiremets of Yahoo, all mail is also tagged with the proper DomainKeys and DKIM security keys.

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