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Remember, is an Adult Entertainment Service Provider Directory, nothing more.  We are not affiliated with the persons advertising on this site nor do we control, condone, coordinate or manage any of their activities on this site or elsewhere.  Your use of this site is subject to the Terms of Use and you should be aware of our Disclaimer.

If you would like to get in touch with us regarding the operation of this website then you may write to the address below.  Alternatively, use the Help Centre to locate your problem area.  If you are unable to locate a Help Centre article that pertains to your problem or issue, then you will be given an opportunity to leave a message when you close the window via the Close Window button from within any Help Centre Article.

Only legal adults may use this Website.  All registered members have consented to being at least 18 years old.  We would kindly ask you to report any members you believe to be underage, via this link.


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Billing Enquiries

Payments to appear on your statement with a website address and phone number.  Visit the Site, call the number or write to the address on the left to get in touch regarding any specific payment enquiry.

Law Enforcement & Police
We cooperate fully with law enforcement and the police.

If you are working for such an organisation and would like to get in touch, please use this form.
Banks & Credit Card Issuers
If one of your customers has lodged a complaint or wishes to dispute a payment, please provide details via this form.


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